Britax Marathon

We all want to keep our children safe when we are driving and the Britax Marathon 70 convertible car seat will do a great job at that. When I had my first child I was a little blinkered in my thinking and initially used an old borrowed car seat from a friend. If I'm honest, I'll admit it didn't even sit in the car right.But hey, we all think it couldn't happen to us right? Well, I only woke up when I watched a TV program one night and saw how a child had been killed when his Mom had an accident and the seat she used, although it was in OK condition, actually had some fundamental flaws that meant it shouldn't have been used and should have been thrown away. That very next morning, I went out and bought a brand new child car seat and have not looked back since. There are a few different brands but Britax is a very high quality make that uses a lot of modern technology in its production process these days. An example of this is the SafeCell technology. This helps because it is designed to compress in a crash and that lowers the center of gravity and thereby counteracts the normal forward propelling motion that sends someone forwards in an accident. Here are some more of the features of the Britax Marathon 70 child car seat:

Britax Marathon

The technologies involved in the Britax Marathon 70 car seat are designed to work in such a way that the chances of serious injury to a child sitting in one of these seats is massively reduced.

Features for the Britax Marathon 70:

- the child is kept in the vehicle

- crash forces are diverted away from your child

- the momentum of your childs body will be slowed down

- movement of your child will be minimized which in turn,

- helps to protect your childs brain and spinal cord.

Installing the Britax Marathon 70 is pretty easy, although it's not something you would want to have to do to frequently, as the seat itself is quite large in size.

Once installed, the seat will not move. You can try as hard as you like but there is no chance of even the slightest movement from that seat

The seat itself is nice and sturdy and has a tendency to sit quite high up.This should be looked at as a positive though because the little ones will have a nice view of everything that's going on outside. In my experience that helps to make a car journey easier.

The marathon 70 has a nice setting that allows the seat to recline in forward and rear positions. It has two buckle positions and a tangle free fove point harness with ten harness height settings that guarantee a nice snug fit to keep your child nice and secure.

Probably one of the coolest features is the adjustment knob that allows you to alter the headrest and harness heights by simply turning a knob. This is a great feature because it means you don't have to take the seat out of the car in order to adjust it. The cover is also removable so cleaning is not an issue.

Britax Marathon


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